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Our Crystal Collection

Whether you’re celebrating a career milestone or commemorating a family event, crystal from George L. Gaines Jeweler Inc. in Lakeland, FL will make the occasion even more special. We offer products from:


This French manufacturer has been creating fine crystal glassware for more than 250 years. Baccarat crystal, whether it’s a champagne flute or a cocktail glass, has a distinctive sparkle that catches the eye. Our store carries the full line of Baccarat accessories and tabletop giftware.


Moser creates luxury glassware and decorative items in classic and contemporary styles. All Moser crystal is 100% lead-free.

Royal Brierley

Royal Brierley was established in 1776 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious British glassware brands. The company was first appointed as royal glassmakers by King Louis V. In modern times, its royal warranty was renewed by HRH Charles, Prince of Wales.

Reed & Barton

Enjoy your bubbly even more when you use crystal stemware from Reed & Barton. You can choose from the complete line of Reed & Barton products at our store.


Claus Josef Riedel was one of the first glassware experts to recognize that the taste of wine is affected by the shape of the glass from which it is drunk. After 16 years of research, he designed and produced a glass that allowed connoisseurs to fully experience the flavor, balance, and depth of wine.

Today, Riedel offers hundreds of types of glasses, each one specially shaped to complement different wine varieties.


Juliska glassware is made by artisans using techniques handed down from generation to generation. Each piece is hand-blown and individually signed.


Waterford, named after Waterford, Ireland, is a crystal manufacturing company under the Fiskars group. They have a wide range of products, including glasses, tableware, lighting, and engraved gifts.

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Want a piece or a set that’s not listed on our site? Let us know, and we’ll place a special order for you. Please note that special orders require a deposit. If we are unable to fill your order, we will refund you the amount you paid.

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